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Like you, we are a part of a larger family. Our family has older members, and younger members and even a few brand new members. It is universally understood that Family takes care of Family. Aging is a unique time in a family members life when they travel through unfamiliar territory. When we know someone we love needs help, perhaps help beyond our own skill to provide, it makes sense to turn to someone who has been there. We have been there. A Family Tie is a small organization made up of Partners who have not only dealt with finding help for aging family members, but who have worked for decades in the Senior Living Industry. Our work has taken us into literally hundreds of Senior Living Communities. We have been on both sides of the table, as both family member and staff member. We know what questions to ask, what works and what really doesn't and we can help you unravel the knot.  

Our Story

 A Family Tie (AFT) came to be because as Peggy has worked in the industry for over 25+ years, she has seen how difficult it is for families and their loved ones to make an educated decision during a very emotional an overwhelming time.  She has met so many families who just didn't know where to turn when their families need more care.  She has watched companies "spring up" to help with finding the right fit but didn't really help in the ways that lead families to making educated decisions. Many of these companies didn't really try to get to know what was important to the family.  A Family Tie wants to help families stop wasting time.  Because we know the communities that we referring, we can help eliminate some of the surprises that come up after you have already spent hours looking a community.  Because we know, we can help. We can guide and truly be a resource during this very stressful and emotional time. AFT wants to help unravel the knot of senior care and be there to help families and the people that they care for, begin a journey with peace of mind. 

It is as Easy as I, 2, 3

Our personal approach couldn't be easier. A Family Tie does not charge their customers to help find the perfect option for their individual needs. We work with hundreds of senior living communities which is why we can find the one for you.  Trust, peace of mind and understanding is what makes A Family Tie an easy choice to help you and your family.


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