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Podcast - The Positive Brain

Introducing Peggy Breda & Toni Rienhart


Meet the creators of The Positive Brain, Peggy Breda, Founder & Owner of A Family Tie, LLC and Toni Reinhart, Owner of Positive Dementia Care Training, LLC.  Get to know them and why they started "The Positive Brain"

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Is it Dementia?


How do we know if the changes in my brain are normal or something more serious?   Peggy Breda, Founder & Owner of A Family Tie, LLC and Toni Reinhart, Owner of Positive Dementia Care Training, LLC, explore that question.

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Nutrition & the Brain


Is what we eat causing us to have cognitive changes?   Peggy Breda, Founder & Owner of A Family Tie, LLC and Toni Reinhart, Owner of Positive Dementia Care Training, LLC , speak with Julie Wendt, LN, CNS,  Nutritionist & Health Coach, GW Center for Integrative Medicine.  Listen how they discuss a healthy way of eating for our health.

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I have Dementia, Is it safe to Travel?


Traveling isn't always easy.  When you are traveling with someone who has a dementia it can get really challenging. Listen as Peggy Breda & Toni Reinhart discuss ideas on travel options and traveling safe with Christie Clark, Executive Director of Insight Memory Center.

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The Power of History


Do you have a story to tell?  Do people really  know your history?  If you get dementia who will tell your tale?  Listen as Peggy & Toni talk about success in care giving through someone's history.

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Transitioning your Loved one to an Assisted Living or Memory Care


You have decided to move your loved one with Dementia.  How can I make sure it goes as good as it chan?  Peggy & Toni speak with Delores Athey, Community Relations Director with Thrive Senior Living with tips and suggestions to get you started.

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THe Positive Brain

Is it Time to Move?


How do I know when it is time to move my loved one to a more supportive environment?  When is the best time? Peggy Breda & Toni Reinhart speak with  Amanda Babineau-LaRose, LCSW, C-ASWCM, Owner/Care Manager/Therapist, with We Care Management to share some insight into this very difficult question. 

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Getting Away with Exercise


Let's face it exercise is one of those things that most of us would rather not do.  But there are true benefits to exercise, especially as we age.  Peggy Breda & Toni Reinhart discuss just what we can get away with but still help to keep us health and strong.

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Brain Games


Do I really need to exercise my brain?  Does it truly help me stay cognitive?  Peggy Breda & Toni Reinhart discuss with Ellen Clark, PhD Applied Neuro Psychology, what games can help and what ones are just good to stay social.

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Relieving the Caregiver Burden


Caring for someone with dementia is truly a 24 hour job.  But taking care of yourself is just as important.  Michelle Darwin co-founder of The Windward  Foundation talks with Peggy & Toni on relieving the burden.

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Designing For Dementia


Staying at home when we age is what would be ideal for many of us.  What can we do when our home is no longer safe? Debjo Wheatly, RN,  Interior Designer speaks about some fun and different things to do to make our home safe.

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LGBTQ Advocacy


Many challenges come up with we age.  But when we identify as LGBTQ we don't always feel safe sharing this very special side to us.  Peggy & Toni speak with Karen McPhail, RN, MSN, CDP, CCTC who shares some of these special care needs and how we can help.

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The Positive Brain

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