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Family Stories

Our Families Share their Experiences:

Peggy  Breda is amazing! We called her on a Wednesday and had a placement for  our mother for respite care that same week! The assisted living care  community that she placed us in has wonderful staff and a very  comfortable environment. She is the best in this industry, by far, and  we are so grateful to have found her. 

We have  been trying to find a safe and suitable place for my mother (who suffers  from dementia) for months and continued to have our applications  rejected. Peggy not only helped us in a state of emergency, she has  continued to help us find the best permanent care that will both fit our  mother's medical and financial needs. Our only regret is that we didn't  call her sooner!

Gina S. (daughter)

We  were looking for an alternative assisted living facility for my mother  because the place where she had been living was becoming prohibitively  expensive (costs had more than doubled since she moved in). I paid two  consultants to help me understand the alternatives and got a list of  places to visit from each. During one of these visits that didn’t work  out, I was referred to Peggy and A Family Tie. This was a totally  different experience than I had with the other consultants (even not  considering that it involved no cost to us!). Before we even met, Peggy  visited two candidate facilities nearby and met with the care managers  to discuss my mom’s situation. After our meeting she also met with my  mom on several occasions, once bringing the manager of one of the  facilities that she identified (and where Mom now lives). I probably  would not have found this place without Peggy’s help (it was not  mentioned by either of my paid consultants even though it is fairly  nearby). It was clear that Peggy is very knowledgeable about the  assisted living facilities in the area.

Peggy  also assisted in the move which I was dreading because Mom had become  very attached to some of the staff members at the old place. She stayed  with Mom for nearly the whole day which really made the move go  smoothly.

Mom loves the new place (which happens  to cost roughly half of what we were previously paying). Peggy has  stopped to see her several times to check up on her. It is evident that  she cares very deeply about the people she is working with. I cannot  recommend Peggy more highly!

Edward L. (son)

Words cannot express the gratitude I have for Peggy Breda, president of “A Family Tie”.

In  my search for an assisted living facility for my brother, I was  directed to many facilities and many organizations on the web, but I had  to be the one finding each home and had to assess the suitability of  each one.  Peggy helped to weed out all those that  were inappropriate and selected those that would be my best choices.  She set up several meetings and tours. Working with my input as to my  brother’s needs, she helped me find the ideal living situation for him. I  am forever grateful!

Brenda D. (sister)

Placing  a parent into an assisted living or nursing home, essentially anyplace  other than where they would prefer to be, is one of the most difficult  changes life offers. It raises many emotions and struggles for everyone  involved. Working with Peggy makes this major life transition as easy as  one can hope. Because of her extensive experience in the care of the  elderly population and her connections with the surrounding communities,  your worries will be greatly lessened. Not only can she connect with  the appropriate agencies, she can also help guide you through this major  change with her caring voice, genuine compassion, and most important,  her vast experience and knowledge. I can’t recommend this company enough  to help guide you through these inevitable changes.

Karen M. (Daughter)